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We enable businesses and new ventures with video based solutions. From education, upskilling, talent recruitment, entertainment to healthcare, explore our range of platforms to learn how you can transform yours.

Create Your Own
Platform Like

WorldTV by StageYou is a mobile 1st, fully managed video platform that does not require a tech team to launch and run. It’s the perfect Interactive Video-On-Demand (IVOD) solution for content creators, producers and video entrepreneurs to launch their own video platform and sell subscriptions worldwide. You can choose to customize your business model to match with popular on-demand platforms like Netflix, Hulu or MasterClass.

Establish Your
Video Based Online

  • Academy
  • School
  • University
  • Classroom
Record | Upload | Educate

Outdated Learning Management Systems are complex and expensive. Move to a TV like experience with EduTV, a video focused e-Learning platform. Using EduTV, educators can easily upload and organize video content into online courses and lessons, deliver value exclusively to students and charge course subscription fees on the platform itself.

Turn Your

Into Revenue

Teach | Coach | Inspire
MiniTV is a mobile 1st, online video platform that helps you to get the best ROI from your video content. You too can create an exclusive MiniTV channel from home and start building a stream of subscription revenue around what you love doing.
  • Heal
  • Reach
  • Engage

Your Devoted Fans With a Spiritual Video Portal

Spirituality | On-Demand

The need for spirituality is now felt more than ever before. We have designed and developed FaithTV especially for spiritual organizations that have been affected by these uncertain times of social distancing. Churches and other spiritual organizations can use FaithTV as a powerful medium to broadcast their spiritual content via video. Subscriptions can be collected as e-donations and subscribed followers can easily access the content from the safety and comfort of their homes. FaithTV allows you to break the barrier of physical gatherings and spread your wisdom and guidance to followers across the globe.

Launch Your

Fitness Channel

e-Training | On-Demand

e-Fitness platform in the cloud, built for mobile, Fitness365 is the complete managed Interactive Video-On-Demand (IVOD) channel for remote fitness training. Equipped with tools to automate fitness course creation and subscriptions, it's the next generation online gym for subscribers to engage with less effort, less time and zero logistics. Ideal for fitness instructors, coaches and gyms.

Sell Subscriptions For

  • Business
  • Music
  • Life
  • Success

Coaching Videos

e-Coaching | On-Demand

Global coaching platform in the cloud, built for mobile. This Video-On-Demand platform provides instant infrastructure to host personalized Master Classes. Interactive video and the fully managed coaching suite enable coaches to grow their business beyond boundaries. IVOD technology lets coaches scale and multiply their value without selling time. Smart coaching via the platform enables selling instant video access to clients on subscription, increasing recurrent revenue. If you’re a coach, you must try WorldCoach today!

Cost Effective + Powerful


In Video Hosting

*StageYou VidCloud gives you up to 60% cost savings compared to Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud.

Scaling up to a million videos or simply hosting a couple of marketing clips? We can handle it all. Whether you’re pushing your limits or optimizing your budget, our VidCloud platform is ideal to handle high quality hosting with the best cost-benefit ratio. The average implementation will cost less than half of what you'd be paying traditional big tech*.
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Give Your Clients
Video Based

  • Health Advice
  • Councelling
  • Preventive Care
e-Health | On-Demand

TeleClinic is the next generation tool for doctors to provide preventive consultations to their patients. Our e-healthcare platform allows healthcare professionals to impart much needed health information enabling patients to improve their own health and related behaviors. Interactive video for online healthcare is set to dramatically change the doctor patient relationship which is the key for driving patient activation. Ideal for doctors, hospitals and clinics.

Launch Your Own Online Reality Show Like

  • Got Talent
  • X Factor
  • The Voice
  • Shark Tank
  • Dragon’s Den
  • Top Chef
  • American Idol
Vote | Judge | Compete

Organize and run an entire reality talent competition from Auditions to Finale, competely online. Cut down your costs and minimize the logistical hassle of real world competitions. Engage participants globally and Judges from anywhere in the world. Are you ready to be the next Simon Cowell? ​

Talent Using Video CVs

e-Recruitment | On-Demand

Non verbal communication is 60% of your interview. You don’t want to waste time on going through paper based CVs, when you can review your candidates using recorded video. AuditionX and RecruitX are platforms in the cloud, built for mobile. It's the next generation toolkit for recruiting talent with less effort and less time. Save your resources, improve processes and efficiency. Hire globally and arrive at a collaborative decision confidentially.This platform is ideal for film directors, HR departments, talent shows, SMEs and any sort of talent recruitment.

Watch Over Your

Footage | Evidence | Community

User generated video footage and evidence is a key component of community level security. Allow every member of your community or organization to become a guardian by uploading video based evidence using any device. Analyze evidence within a closed group of administrators to verify the authenticity. Say no to crime, harassment, bullying and all types of misconduct. Implement a GuardianEye within your community or organization today.

In Your Own Schedule

VideoMail | On-Demand

As a consultant, you live by the rule time is money.... literally! Your revenue depends on the time you directly spend with your clients and we’re deeply aware of it. Introducing ConsultPro, a platform for consultants, created with this critical time factor in mind. ConsultPro allows you to communicate with your clients in a whole new way. You can receive video inquiries from your clients 24/7 and respond to them at ease, at your convenience, from the comforts of your home. Reply easily with quick recorded videos of your own and charge a fee for each video consultation. How cool is that? Here’s to maximizing your time.

  • Train
  • Develop
  • Upskill

Your Team
Using Video Based Training

Upskill | On-Demand

Are you looking for ways to elevate the performance of your team? Is it challenging to organize scheduled trainings for your remote team? Meet UpSkill, our flagship video training and development platform designed specifically to lower your team training costs and increase your retun on investment by using cloud based Video-On-Demand technology. With increasing reliance on remote teams, you need UpSkill, our smart upskilling solution where training can be recorded and hosted from a central location and accessible to your team 24/7, from the workplace or the comfort of their homes.

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