The Future is
Video Driven

Interactive Video On Demand

High Level Architecture IVOD v10.2


Time Tested
Lines of Code


Heavy Lifting
Video Infrastructure


Video Platforms

A disruptive innovation in video technology

Interactive Video On Demand (IVOD) is the next generation digital platform by StageYou, that redefines how people connect and do business online.

A transformation agent
for e-Business

Powered by its proprietary video technology, IVOD enables organizations to engage users in more meaningful interactions and powerful transactions.

36 pioneering solutions
across 16 verticals

We believe in disruption that powers digital transformation across multiple industries such as education, entertainment, recruitment and healthcare.

1M lines of code.
Intuitive architecture

IVOD version 10.2 is a robust suite of smart software. The architecture is based on intuitive design, fundamental principles and a decade of R&D to power an array of end-points from a central codebase.

IVOD in Action

IVOD applications are mobile 1st and implemented in the cloud, which means that users are able to access them from anywhere, anytime.