Beat the pandemic.
Be pandemic independent.

Learn how you can grow a video based business even amidst the pandemic and become your own boss.

Opportunity can come in unexpected forms especially during challenging times. Here’s how Stageyou will join hands with you to turn a global challenge into a success story.

Embrace the new normal

The Covid-19 pandemic was unexpected for most and has brought about changes that are here to stay. The pandemic has defined a new way of life and has deeply impacted the way we work, learn and live. Safety is a prime concern and we want you to stay safe during these uncertain times. While this is a challenging time for many, we believe that you can not only overcome the challenge but also rise through it and grow stronger and more resilient. This also means adopting new ways to live your daily life, to communicate, network and conduct business. Yes, we hear you and we at Stageyou intend to provide you the solution to make it through.

Adapting to the new norm of social distancing, remote work, remote learning, remote healthcare and virtual networking.

Stay safe and be ready to accept the challenges, be open to opportunities and new avenues of growth, leading you to becoming your own boss.

It’s a video economy

As brick and mortar businesses slow down, online businesses continue to grow rapidly fuelling a whole new level of communication online. Video technology and e-commerce is at the centerpiece of this transformation and are now growing exponentially.

Many new opportunities emerge as people stay at home longer and consume more digital content related to business, education and entertainment. This creates many opportunities for content creators, producers, educators and entrepreneurs like you.

Explore opportunities and discover your niche in the video economy. At Stageyou Inc. we’re on a mission to help you find your unique opportunity in this new high growth vertical.

Becoming a video entrepreneur

Becoming a video-preneur is a matter of choice to some and a necessary transformation to others. To maximize the opportunities in the video economy, you can use Stageyou platforms as a launchpad to your success in starting a video based business.

The video economy is booming. It’s the right time to start a business based on Video-On-Demand. From e-learning , entertainment to video coaching, opportunities are endless and the sky is your limit.

Talk to us and plan your video venture. Understand the best business model that works for you and turn your expertise into a video based business.

Build a business with video

It’s not enough to start, you must grow. Building a business around video is fun, engaging and profitable. As a video-preneur your clientele will be global and you will be focused on providing value to grow your paid subscriber base.

Create sustainable revenue by growing a stable base of subscribers for your video based business.

Plan your video venture and make use of standard tools to grow your business and subscribers globally.

We’re here to help

We take care of the complex infrastructure to run a video based business while you focus on growth and revenue. Forget about IT costs, high setup fees and in-house teams. All you need is passion and the will to start and grow your video based business.

We’re on a mission to provide a hassle free heavy lifting infrastructure to run your video based business with reduced costs and maximum profitability.

Focus on growing your business and let our infrastructure host your content from storage to playback to subscription payments. Let us handle the tech while you grow your business.

Together, we can!

Video is the future and you’re about to experience the revolution. A video based venture is a journey you can enjoy while growing. Our goal is to make it possible for you to reach your dream with less effort and more revenue. A smart way to grow through tough times is to choose high growth markets. We believe that you can, and you will.

The dream of video-preneurs to establish profitable video based businesses that change the way people work, learn and connect.

Together we can explore a unique opportunity of a lifetime. Let passion guide you to take the first step to reach your dream.
Come, let’s talk.

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